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The known HQ irrigation bag´s - now with new “Easy Cleaning” drain nozzles on both types of bag´s, and new “Easy Filling” flexible filling neck on the Donut model.

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THE WATERBAG is made of the highest quality PVC, and with the new drain nozzles securing that no bags are discarded because of clogged drains, the lifespan on the bags are expanded considerably. This makes the bags very economical and environmentally friendly, and results in a lower PVC consumption making THE WATERBAG a product that contributes to the green transition.

Easy Cleaning

’The Waterbag’ with two NEW drain nozzles

NEW 3-step function

  • Time-saving
  • Easy handling
  • No extra cost
  • Durable solution
  • Extended lifespan

Easy Filling

The Waterbag "Donut" with new flexible filling neck

Improved donut bag

  • Easy filling
  • New drain nozzles
  • Time-saving
  • No extra cost
  • Extended lifespan
Step 1: Locate
Step 2: Pull off/rotate
Step 3: Push on

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